Gonçalo Quadros

Dependability -  How does the market value it?

Gonçalo Quadros
CEO Critical Software S.A.

Thispresentation discusses how important dependability, or the capacity toaddress the challenges it poses, can be in helping to sustain orconsolidate an aggressive growth strategy in a Software EngineeringCompany.
The discussion will be based on the experience, includingreal-world examples, of an IT Company whose motto is DevelopingDependable Technologies for Critical Systems.

Speaker:Gonçalo Quadros is co-founder and CEO of Critical Software SA, asoftware engineering company headquartered in Coimbra, Portugal, withoffices in Lisbon, Porto, San Jose (US), Southampton (UK) and Bucharest(RO). He graduated in 1987 in Electrical Engineering (ComputerScience), worked in industry and taught at University of Aveiro andUniversity of Coimbra prior to obtaining his PhD in Computer Sciencefrom the University of Coimbra in 2002.
Gonçalo Quadros co-foundedCritical Software in mid 1998 and won the best business plan award fromthe National Young Entrepreneurs Association (ANJE) in 1998. He wasresponsible for launching and consolidating several Company BusinessUnits assuming responsibilities for project and technical management ofsome of the most important projects, and also for business development.
As of the beginning of 2005 Gonçalo Quadros is the Chief ExecutiveOfficer of the company. During 2006 he was distinguished by thePresident of Portugal with the “Ordem de Mérito Grande-Oficial”, hereceived the II INSEAD Entrepreneurship Award (promoted by PortugueseINSEAD Alumni), and the Ernst&Young (Portuguese Branch) EmergingEntrepreneur of the Year Award.