DSN2009 Tutorials

Tutorials Chair:
Xavier Défago (JAIST, Japan)

Submission: January 26, 2009

Proposals for tutorials are solicited on topics relating to the dependability, security and resilience of systems and networks.
Candidate topics may be drawn from - but are not restricted to - any of the following suggested areas:
  • Theory and practice of dependable system/network design and development
  • Dependability and resilience techniques
  • Assessment of dependability, or safety, or security
  • Making a "dependability case" for a system/network
  • Control and management of malicious and accidental faults
  • Achieving dependability in ambient/ubiquitous systems

Proposals are encouraged which provide guidance on how technology can be applied successfully in practical systems, or which demonstrate how methods, techniques and tools from one area can be exploited in another (for example fault tolerance in support of security, or safety techniques to reinforce fault analysis).
Tutorials need to provide appropriate motivation and background information, and then deliver a clear and coherent treatment of a well-defined topic area in sufficient depth to enable participants to acquire a basic understanding of, and familiarity with, the subject covered.

Submission Guidelines:
Tutorial proposals should not exceed four pages in length.
The document submitted must include:
  • Title of the tutorial
  • Presenter(s) affiliation and contact details
  • Short overview of the topics to be covered
  • Structure of the tutorial (in terms of sections and duration)
  • Proposed supporting materials
  • Identification of the target audience (in terms of their expected background)
  • A brief resume/biography of the presenter(s)
Please submit all tutorial proposals by the deadline of January 26, 2009, preferably as a .pdf attachment. Submission is via e-mail to the following address:[email protected]