As a token of the Portuguese hospitality, we prepared a superb program for the social events.

A relaxing welcome reception in the evening of Day 1, 29th June (DSN Workshops Day) prepares the souls for the following three days.

The excursion on Day 3, 1st July, will bring you to places you will never forget (16h00-19h00). Starting with Sintra, with its mystic palaces and gardens, located in Mons Lunae, the ancient Roman name for the mountain that baptized the town. Then, we move on to Adega Regional de Colares, home to one of the greatest yet not so well-known Portuguese wines, and yes, it's going to be a relaxing DSN Session - Wine Tasting, where it is not forbidden to talk bout dependability and security! After resting body and soul, we head toward Cabo da Roca, an imposing promontory that marks the west end of continental Europe. The daring adventurers will receive a hand-written certificate of presence.

Time to go back to hotels, and after a refreshing pause, we finish with the banquet and show (20:30-24:00), at Casino Estoril, the largest in Europe. It is renowned for its music hall shows, like the one that will accompany our dinner, featuring trapezists, mimics, musicians, singers and dancers, in a high quality choreography.

All the visited sites are described with more detail in Venue.

Despite the quality of the program, we made every effort to maximize attendance, by keeping the extra ticket prices to the possible minimum. Accompanying persons and students can purchase extra tickets, please see instructions in Registration.