Performance and Dependability Symposium (PDS)

Program Chair:
Felicita Di Giandomenico
ISTI-CNR, Pisa, Italy
[email protected]

Major aspects of our society and our daily life are increasingly dependent on networked information systems. As the complexity of these computing and communication systems grows, it is more and more challenging to guarantee their healthy operation, especially in terms of performance and dependability (and their interaction). Therefore, modeling, measuring, testing, benchmarking and verifying performance and dependability (including security, safety and reliability) are critical for the design and the deployment of these systems. The Performance and Dependability Symposium (PDS) brings together academic and industrial researchers in these two related areas, with emphasis on integrating theory and practice, and exchanging ideas and experiences.

We welcome regular research papers, practical experience papers, tool descriptions/demonstrations, and panel proposals related to performance and dependability assessment, including:

Analytical, numerical and simulation techniques for performance and dependability assessment
Dependability benchmarking and fault injection/robustness testing
Design and use of tools for performance and dependability assessment
Measurement techniques for performance and dependability assessment
Modeling and measurement of security and intrusion detection techniques
Case studies showing the role of performance and dependability analysis in designing computer and communication systems

The symposium is very broad, and relevant application areas include but are not limited to:

Critical infrastructures
Database and transactional systems
Distributed, parallel, clustered and grid systems
E-Commerce systems
Fault-tolerant and self-managing systems
Mobile and multimedia systems
Real-time and embedded systems
Secure and intrusion-tolerant systems
Sensor, wireless and ad-hoc networks
Web and information-centric services and systems

Please follow the general guidelines for authors.