Dependable Computing and Communications Symposium (DCCS)

Program Chair:
Matti Hiltunen
AT&T Labs Research
[email protected]

As computer and communications systems increasingly affect our everyday lives, their dependability is important not just for convenience, but also to avoid significant financial losses or even risk to human life. As new computer and communications technologies are developed, and as computer technology is applied in new domains, emerging dependability challenges are constantly introduced into our community.  Dependability of a system depends on all of its constituent parts including architecture, networking, hardware, software design and implementation, and management of the system. DCCS covers dependability in such individual areas as well as comprehensive holistic system dependability. To advance the field, integrate theory and practice, and to exchange ideas and experiences, DCCS brings together academic and industrial researchers in dependability and security spanning all aspects of system/software design, validation, deployment, and operations.
We welcome research papers, practical experience papers, tool descriptions and demonstrations, and panel proposals related to dependable computing and communications, including:

Design and evaluation of new, or improved, algorithms, architectures, techniques, and paradigms for dependable hardware, software, and networking.
Novel dependability challenges introduced by new computing and communication technologies, paradigms, and application areas (e.g., virtualization, SOAs, utility/on-demand/cloud computing, mobile banking and commerce, sensor networks, multi-core systems, virtual worlds, online social networking).
Issues, challenges, and solutions in security, trust, resilience, survivability, intrusion detection and tolerance, safety-critical systems, and critical infrastructures.
Dependability issues and solutions in autonomic computing, adaptive and self-managing systems.
Software reliability, software testing, validation, and verification.
Research and practical experience in deployment and management of dependable and secure systems.
Dependability and QoS challenges and solutions in different computer system application areas including, but not limited to: high speed networking, Internet and WWW, e-commerce, databases and transaction processing systems, distributed systems, embedded and real-time systems, automotive and aerospace systems, wireless and mobile systems, parallel, clustered, and grid systems.

Please follow the general guidelines for authors.